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We believe in transparency and want you to know what we are all about.

The focus of RiskReversal.com is to help equity traders/investors understand the alternative ways they can express their views in the markets.  Our main goal is to detail the uses of equity options to better define risk, enhance yield and make use of leverage in a cost effective way. Most people’s experience trading options is one of frustration. It doesn’t have to be that way. When used correctly, options can reduce the overall risk of your portfolio, help you avoid and recover losses, and let you sleep at night.

RiskReversal.com is NOT A TRADE SERVICE, we do not offer advice, we are merely detailing trades that we place, consider placing or observe in the market place. We feature commentary and trading structures that are intended to demonstrate the proper way to use options to hedge, trade and invest with defined risk.


Who We Are

Dan Nathan

Co-Founder and Editor:  Dan has spent the better part of the last 18 years as a proprietary equity & options trader at hedge funds (SAC, Exis & Cheyne Capital) and within the equity derivatives group of Merrill Lynch.  Since early 2009 Dan has served as a broker to investment banks for large equity option block trades while also offering trade structure and fundamental trade ideas. Dan is a weekly panelist on CNBC’s Options Action, a show dedicated to equity options trading, and regular panelist on CNBC’s Fast Money.  Dan is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, originally from Syracuse he now lives in New York City.

CC Lagator

Co-Founder, Editor in Chief:  CC writes on macro/policy stories, volatility, options theory, options education and trade structures. He also oversees all technical aspects of RiskReversal, and is Editor in Chief of The Ticker District and The Boock Report. He is a former equity options market maker and specialist for Group One Trading in New York. CC is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Baltimore he now lives in Boulder, Colorado.


What I Am Not

I am not a financial analyst. I am not a stock or options guru who guarantees that mirroring my trades will make you millions. My trading opinions are just that, opinions. I have no special knowledge or insight into any particular story or market that makes my opinion any more valuable than anyone else. I don’t have a model portfolio for people to track because I think that is stupid, any monkey can throw a dart and pick 20 stocks to buy that will likely track the performance of the S&P 500, you won’t find that here. If you hear someone on TV or the Internet promising to make you money by following their trade ideas, I would not trust them. They are Charlatans. Everyone’s portfolios, financial leverage and access to market information are different. I strongly advise subscribers of this website not to attempt to trade every, or even most of the stated structures, but do your work and figure out what ideas/structures are best suited for your portfolio and risk tolerance.


What I Am

I am very well versed in the U.S. equity and options markets and have 17 years experience trading them for myself, for accredited investors and at a large bank. I have had many good years trading and some bad ones, but I try to continue to learn from both. I can be opinionated and stubborn about specific stories and my overall market views but, generally have learned to cut my losers quickly, and when correct try to let profits run. I feel that I have a unique skill-set in evaluating alternatives to just owning or shorting stocks around catalysts and or events, and pride myself in finding the most cost effective ways to express my views always with an eye towards capital preservation and risk aversion. My goal is to minimize risk into catalysts and or events and look for the most optimal way to express a view whether it be to define risk, add yield, use leverage or protect a portfolio.


What We Hope To Achieve

My partners and I hope to provide an alternative to the stock picking and investment advice that dominates financial and social media. We hope that readers and subscribers to the site learn that there are many ways to protect gains, cut losses, recover capital in down markets and minimize risk. We will discuss a number of scenarios and specific stocks and ETFs, using many of the options strategies at our disposal. Our intention is to educate our readers in a way that they can then take those lessons and apply them to their own portfolios and trading accounts in ways they see fit to reverse their risk.


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